Photo booth Hire for Weddings and Private Events

Part bonbonniere, part photographer, part entertainment…fully funky! What better ice breaker than a snappy looking photo booth to get people chatting. Use your DJ or MC to remind people about the booth. Our albums create the best guest book ever! Our staff will paste one strip in the album and guests can leave a special message for the happy couple or party host. You can also have your wedding or party logo at the bottom of each strip – now that is a real keepsake for your guests, Cheeky!! For your own fully funky cheeky sydney photo booth hire contact Cheeky Memories

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Photo booth hire Sydney to Byron Bay

Port Macquarie weddings, partys anything. Any excuse to have a gathering and capture lots of fun cheeky memories. Throw fun Photo booth props in to the package and you got your self a whole lot of good times. For Photo booth rentals from Sydney to the Midnorth coast call Karley from Cheeky Memories.

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Sydney Photo booth Hire

Cheeky Memories, Sydney, Port Macquarie, Central Coast, Blue Mountains Photo booth rental.

Weddings, Partys where ever Cheeky Memories are created!

Sydney photo booth rentals

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Fun Sydney Photo Booth props

Photo booth props are a sensational addition to any photo booth rental. Cheeky Memories offer first class service with a complete stockpile of cheeky photo booth props. High quality photo strips with the added bonus of funky photo guests books and a modern twist on the traditional booth. Your own personal studio where you control the paparazzi with in you!

Photo booth your next event with Cheeky Memories

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Are you looking to add fun and excitement to your next event? Rent our Photo Booth!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Throughout the country, photo booths have exploded in popularity, and for good reason; they provide so much fun for you and your guests!

Get your guests up off their seats and interacting with each other.

Giggles from behing the curtains, four poses, four flashes and your done!

Cheeky memories created ….for your cheeky memories photo booth experience see

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Party Photo booths and Traditional Photo booths

A Modern Spin on the Traditional Photobooth
Having a photobooth at your wedding or event for your guests to cram into and snap silly shots of themselves, has been a long time trend in the making. But these photobooths have taken a hop, skip and a jump to create a more modern chronicle. Instead of your traditional booth where you step inside and sit down against a plain backdrop, we are seeing props and creative scenery thrown into the mix as well! Take your ordinary white or black back drop and change it out for a wall of streamers or even different kinds of frames left empty (I am sure your guests will find ways to fill them!).

For party style events the open air style photo booths are sensational fun, curtain colours , a colourful wall of streamers, group photos all dressed up in props and still printed in hight quality photo strips!

Traditional photo booths fantastic for stealing a moment with your loved one and friends behind the curtain and posing for the camera or trying to squeeze four in to a booth made for two can be like a mad game of twister like the photo booth another old childhood love!

To create your own party photo booth fun or traditional photo booth fun contact

Cheeky Memories Photo booth

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Behind the curtain

Behind the curtain, an instant classic
By Alan Berner

Fifth in an occasional series

They mug, they smooch, they frown and they cavort inside it.

They act out and produce just about anything except that “American Gothic” look.

In the squeezed, semiprivate space of the photo booth, the only landscape is the face.

Three minutes later, the reward pops out. It’s a 7 ¾-inch-long strip of four images from the machine, considered the first invention to offer instant photography.

Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho, known for his impatience, developed the photo booth in 1925, two decades before the Polaroid. Soon, block-long lines formed near New York’s Times Square, with people eager to drop a quarter in the machine and have a strip of images emerge a couple of minutes later.

The booths used to populate the corners of five-and-dimes, groceries, bars and fairs but now are hard to find.

Seattle Art Museum has one that’s part of its current Andy Warhol exhibit. Warhol considered the images to be small works of art from “little curtained theaters.”

Budd Mishkin, from South Orange, N.J., recently swiped his credit card at the SAM booth. (It no longer accepts cash.) But he failed to get seated alongside his wife, Peri Smilow, in time for the first flash.

“Great. You and my arm. It’s very Warholesque.”

The photo booth will be at SAM through Sept. 6, and by then about 7,000 will have exposed their personalities and left a frame on the exhibit wall.

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“There’s nothing in the world like a photobooth.”

Even amid the worldwide depression of the 1930s, the photobooth continued to grow. Entrepreneurs who couldn’t afford to buy the real thing built their own versions, some out of wood, then hid a photographer in the back who shot and developed the pictures and slipped them through a slot. The unsuspecting subjects were none the wiser.
By mid-century, photobooths were ubiquitous. Jack and Jackie Kennedy stepped into one in the 1950s. Yoko Ono and John Lennon included a reproduction strip with their 1969 recording, “Wedding Album.” In the 1960s, Andy Warhol shuttled models with rolls of quarters from booth to booth in New York City. A 1965 Time magazine cover features Warhol’s photobooth portraits of “Today’s Teen-Agers.”
These days digital photobooths, which became available in the 1990s, let users add novelty messages and backgrounds and delete and retake shots. Allen Weisberg, president of Apple Industries, which has manufactured digital booths since 2001, says digital photobooth sales continue to grow. “Photobooths have made a tremendous resurgence,” he says. “It’s like apple pie and baseball. It’s part of our heritage.” The digital booths are being used in new ways. Lately, a number of companies have popped up offering rentals of lightweight, portable photobooths for use at weddings and parties.
But Goranin and other purists long for the real McCoy with its distinctive smell, clanking machinery and the fraught anticipation that comes with waiting for the photos to appear. A Web site,, documents the locations of a dwindling number of these mechanical dinosaurs.
“The old chemistry booths, which I love, are becoming harder and harder to find,” says Goranin. “But the [digital] booth is still a fun experience. You still get great photos. You still have a wonderful time in them. You still have the old-fashioned curtains that you can draw and that sense of mystery.” Goranin smiles. “There’s nothing in the world like a photobooth.”
For your ultimate photo booth party experience contact Cheeky memories

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An innovative idea for your next Conference!

Whats Hot!

An innovative idea for your next Conference!
To book Cheeky Memories Photo Booth Rentals for your next event call Conference Call on 9331 1700.

Cheeky Memories Photo Booth Rentals provide photo booth fun and lasting memories capturing the spirit of every corporate event.

Give your guests an experience they will never forget. A unique giveaway with laughter and big smiles guaranteed – a Cheeky Memories photo booth rental will ensure your guests are talking about your event long after the night is over. Cheeky Memories Photo Booth Rentals offer the option to personalise every photo strip with a company logo or even to brand the entire booth. There are numerous options all of which leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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Ultimate entertainment portable photo booth

Where could you use the Cheeky Memories photobooths from Sydney to Orange to the Hunter Valley, Gold Coast and Perth?
Make you event one to remember for years to come.
Weddings Awards nights School Formals
Bar/Batmitzvah Gala Dinner Product Launches
21st Birthday Exhibition Booth School Fair
Farewell Party Charity/Fundraiser Conferences, sweet 16′s, any age birthday or get together

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