Ultimate List of Photo Booth Prop Ideas


Ultimate list of photo booth prop ideas is below. If you are having a photo booth at your upcoming event, then you should seriously considering adding some props into the mix. They are great at adding spontaneity to your pictures and encouraging guests to have fun. Some companies charge extra for this, while save you money by letting you bring your own. Honestly, all you have to do is rummage through you closet to get a bunch of photo booth props. You can even delegate authority to a family member or friend and have them be in charge of rounding up the props. The best way to get props is to go by a theme, time of year (aka holidays), or your personal preference. We have over 50 photo booth ideas listed below to help you get your creative juices flowing. If you have any recommendations, then add a comment below. We would love to hear from you!
Booth Prop Ideas

Big geeky glasses

Large antique frame (guests can frame themselves)

Mardi gras mask and beads (multiple colors for variety)

Hawaiian leis (again multiple colors)

Classy black top hat

Fake mustache on stick (different styles on several sticks)

Got to have the mullet wig (business in front and party in the booth)

Foam fingers (of your favorite and rival team)

Princess crown and sash (pageant style)

Feather boas

Chalk board for messages

Dry erase speech bubble

Inflatable guitars & microphones

Pimp chain and cup

Blowup animals

Plastic Ball and Chain

Roman Battle Helmet

Viking Helmet

Neon gangster hats

Mickey Mouse ears

Straw hat

Clown wig and noses (have extra noses, these things rip instantly)

Boxing gloves

Animal ears and noses

Big lollipop



Angel wings


Popeye arms

Sailor hat

A Grammy

Hollywood action scene marker

Santa hat

Coconut bikini top

Pirate hat, hook, and gun

Statue of Liberty foam crown

Mustache + nose + eyebrow mask

Black fedora

Long stemmed rose (make sure it is not a real rose that can cut you)

Empty champagne bottles (these are FUN)

Hulk hands

Tons of sunglasses (guests tend to keep them on their face)

Biker helmets

Sports equipment

Small baseball bat

Eye patches. arrrrrrrr

Batman mask

Gold Elvis glasses

Foam gym headband

Bunny ears

Metallic wig (silver, pink, blue or purple will work fine)

Indian feathered head dress (YMCA)

Chef hat

Leprechaun hat

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