The photobooth is back in fashion SMH 29.01.2011

The photobooth is back in fashion as artists, filmmakers and retro buffs call the shots

STRANGE and sometimes lovely things can happen inside a photobooth. Fantasies are played out, creativity overcomes constraint and friendships are captured in eternal freeze-frame. With curtain drawn and faces expectant, the famous, the destitute and the newly smitten have all submitted to the flash of the hidden camera, transforming the cupboard-like space into theatre, playground, or artist’s studio.

“Being able to close that curtain allows you to distance yourself from the world,” he says. “It becomes a place of freedom and fantasy. There’s nobody directing you. It’s a very private experience.

“Because the photobooth is stripped back . . . there are multifarious ways of documenting yourself. It’s quite like the Tardis. Anything can happen in there.”

Photobooth by Raynal Pellicer, Thames&Hudson, $55, will be released in March.

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