Photo Booth love just in time for Valentines day

Photo Booth Love
San Francisco Chronicle by Chrissa Banner

Photo caption: Photo booth at the Elbo Room: A little private time for looove. SF Gate photo illustration by Alex Marsh

There’s always been a quirky romance about photo booths. Their faux wood paneling and speckled Formica take you back in time instantly, and the close quarters of the single-occupancy booth mean things get cozy fast. For couples, the privacy can be an irresistible invitation to steal a quick kiss between photo flashes.

Which is why this Valentine’s Day, we suggest you cross one item off your date itinerary and hit a photo booth instead. For a couple bucks you get a unique keepsake of the day and an excuse to put your arm around your sweetie. Because after the expensive dinner is finished and the box of chocolates is empty, that’s really what the holiday’s all about.

They aren’t in the yellow pages, so to save your precious time we did the legwork and scouted out San Francisco’s best photo booths

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